• Inver House Green Plaid Scotch Whisky is a blend of superbly light rare scotch whiskies with an excellent and consistent taste and an impressive international reputation

  • James Catto is a legendary figure in the development of the Scotch Whisky industry, being credited as one of the first whisky blenders and a pioneer of his time.  In 1861, one yeat after production of the first ever blended Scotch Whisky from the nearby Speyside distilleries until he was finally sure that he had the perfect blend - Catto's Blended Scotch...

  • Hankey Bannister Scotch Whisky contains a high malt content. Its blend is smooth, well balanced and has a unique character. It has a light aroma with a spiciness, which gives extra depth. Its taste is a light, subtle blend, clean, sweet and spicy with honeyed tones and a pleasant lasting finish

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    When it comes to taste, James Plagniol Extra Virgin Olive Oil is famous for its exceptional flavour. For thousands of years, all over the world, Olive Oil has been treasured for its excellent health and flavouring properties. James Plagniol Extra Virgin Olive Oil takes great pleasure in offering you the best of extra virgin French Olive Oil.

  • **Product of CANADA** Easy to open pull ring cans Boneless / Gutless Ready to eat The size of  Kersen Sardines 198g The  leading brand 106g AVAILABLE IN : Tomato Sauce, Soya Oil, Brine, Hot Sauce and Smoked

  • Available in: Peppered, French Onion, Paprika, Mushroom and Wine

  • Crest salted fish is made from the finest select shark from South America. The product is extremely fleshy and always cooks to perfection. Crest salted fish is excellent value for money.

  • Although not commonly found in our markets as recently as ten years ago, Alaskan Pollock has gained popularity because of its white colour, mild taste, and attractive and relatively stable pricing compared with other species.

The Distribution and Marketing Division is highly regarded by our customers and suppliers for our ability to develop relatively unknown brands into market leaders. Our aim is always to distribute products of exceptional quality at reasonable prices.

We also provide an exceptional after sales service, inclusive of merchandising, promotions and product sampling. We remain committed to developing all of our brands by partnering with out customers and suppliers.

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